Ease of Use

Set up your next election registration with just a few clicks and you will be ready to go. Provide your election details, the Read More names of your registration staff, and upload your membership database in a CSV excel spreadsheet and our software will set up everything for you. Read Less

Streamlined Process

Our streamlined process displays your custom data in a way that your staff can quickly search for members, verify their Read More eligibility to vote, and eliminate the possibility of members mistakenly being allowed to vote more than once. Members can register at any registration station or location (if allowed); no need for separate lines of A-L and M-Z anymore, which also allows you to handle more registrations with fewer registration staff. Search by a membership number or first or last name (whatever data you have), and our software will find your member if they are in your database. Read Less


Add your membership database, your election voting site(s), your election voting date and times, and your election staff. Read More Set the permission levels or allowable tasks for each of your election staff. Our software will keep track of everything for you. Many report options are available for you to view the details of your registration process. Read Less

Live Centralized Data

Our Election Registrar software allows the Election Admin and the Registration Coordinator to view the status of all          Read More registration staff during the election. In addition, they can view the total number of registrations completed by each registration staff, as well as a combined total of registered voters by all registration staff. Read Less

About Us

Developed over many years by our experienced team of Election Professionals, Election Registrar has been designed exclusively for authenticating and tracking each member’s voting eligibility status for your election. Whether you are voting at one site or many, or mailing out paper ballots, Election Registrar was built to help you get through it with ease. Read More
Up and running in just a few steps, Election Registrar is a cost-effective powerful software package.
Have multiple voting sites? With Election Registrar you are now able to view when your registration staff is connected and registering your voters. Need to know about your voter turnout? The answer is just a click away. If you’re ready to simplify your next election registration process, click the GET STARTED or LOGIN button above. Read Less

Who Needs This Software?

If your organization is holding an election and you want a secure way to register/authorize your members to vote, then this is your software!

Whether your election is simple with only one voting site and one or two registration staff, or complex with multiple voting sites and extensive registration staff, our software can handle all of your registration needs. Read More Set up your election registration process in just a few simple steps. No more searching through long lists or multiple pages of members’ names to find a voter. No more frustrated members standing in lines of A-L or M-Z for them to get registered/authorized to vote. Your member can go to any available registrar to be registered and cleared for voting. If you have multiple voting sites for your election, our software can track voters so that they can vote at any location (if your bylaws allow this) and then flag them if they attempt to vote again at one of your other voting sites.
Report rich, our software comes complete with a comprehensive list of available reports in excel and/or PDF formats. Read Less

Mobile Responsive

Mobile responsive design is critical to operating on the go. We have designed Election Registrar for optimal mobile display and performance as an emergency back-up if a laptop or tablet is not available.

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Up to 500 Members in your Database

1 Registration Coordinator

1 Election Registrar

Price: $175.00

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Up to 1,000 Members in your Database

1 Registration Coordinator

2 Election Registrar

Price: $285.00

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Up to 5,000 Members in your Database

1 Registration Coordinator

3 Election Registrar

Price: $595.00

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Up to 10,000 Members in your Database

1 Registration Coordinator

4 Election Registrar

Price: $835.00

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Up to 25,000 Members in your Database

1 Registration Coordinator

5 Election Registrar

Price: $1315.00

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Up to 50,000 Members in your Database

1 Registration Coordinator

6 Election Registrar

Price: $2755.00

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